Sunday, 17 October 2010

Analysis of Music Magazine Double Page Spreads

  • Main image- Should take up lots of room. Usually on the left or bleeding to the other side
  • Main heading- Stands out against the background and rest of the text
  • Colour schemes- Colour scheme must be simple and should not clash, they must have around 3 or 4 colours. It must match the main image.
  • Headlines/Dylines- These should be bold, unique, short & snappy
  • Page numbers- In the bottom left corner, accompanied by website address. Page numbers must also be stated on the images, linking the image to the correct story
  • Website address- Accompanies page numbers
  • Font- Size 11 pt. Double page spreads must contain lots of text
  • Quotes- Main quote in bold and larger font to entice readers
  • Columns- Around 3/4 main columns to keep it professional and tidy
  •  Informal language- Informality of the text allows readers to connect to  
  • Stand first- Will be above or below the title and in a different font  
  • Drop quotes- Drop quotes will be in a larger font in order to stand out
  • Credits- Credits are usually at the bottom of the page and are for the author and/or photographer  
  • Drop capitals- Larger and bold capital at the beginning of the article  
  • Artists name- Should always be highlighted and large in order to stand out
  • Masthead

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