Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Final Design of Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread

Question 1: Evaluation

In what ways do your publications use forms and conventions of real media products?

Question 2: Evaluation

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Question 3: Evaluation

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Question 4: Evaluation

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Question 5: Evaluation

How did you attract/address your audience?

Question 6: Evaluation

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Question 7: Evaluation

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Audience Feedback

This showed me some of the changed that my audience thought I should make.
For example a common idea was the change in font size and colours, especially on the front cover. This was mainly concerning the cover lines which were too small, not bold enough and could have been made to stand out more if a colour was changed. This was also the same for the contents page, I was told that if the listed content was in capitals it would look more appealing and would also be easier to read.
      Another comment that was given was about the guy on the front 'Jake', a participant said that his hair looked 'blocky'. this appears to be a major thing as it was mentioned a lot in the results of my Audience Feedback Questionnaire.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Additional Images

Due to necessary changes, I had to take new photos. This included doing a whole new photo shoot for the main image on my front cover.

These are the ones I had to choose from:

Monday, 7 February 2011

First Drafts of Cover, Contents and DPS

These are screenshots of my first draft of each production:

After analysing my project, I came to the conclusion that I need to do thorough work and make a vast amount of changes. To make these changes beneficial, I went over my codes and conventions of a music magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread.
      The changes I will make on my front cover are as follows. I am going to do a whole new photoshoot for my front cover image, this is mainly because the band member I have used is too young and therefore will not match my target audience. However, I would like to take a similar shot because I think the angle of the image and the fact it is an action shot suits the genre of my magazine. Moreover, I am going to change my cover lines. My reasoning for this is largely because of the bands I have used, for example 'The Wanted', this band type does not follow the genre of music I have selected for my magazine. To add emphasis to the title of my magazine, I am going to make the title larger and also make my positioning statement smaller. The position of my barcode follows the codes and conventions of a magazine, however it is currently a bit too small, so I am also going to slightly enlargen that. The last change I am going to make is to the main coverline, inevitably this will change when I change my front cover image, however I am going to make sure that the main cover line stands out the most. to do this I will make the coverlines smaller and move them further up and have my new coverline horizontally, just below the middle in a larger and bolder text.
      To make my contents page more suitable I am going to rearrange my layout, take more pictures to link to stories but also changes the stories I have included. I am going to use three colums as opposed to two, because I feel this is more suited to a magazine. It will also allow me to include more content. I am also going to decrease the size of the text I have used because it takes up too much room and also size 11 pt font is one of many codes and conventions of a music magazine. therefore by decreasing the font I have used, I will then be following the codes and conventions.
      Lastly, I am going to wirte a biographical piece for my double page spread instead of the current story I have. I am also going to use a more creative image. I will change the size of my font front 13pt to10.5pt as Arial is smaller on screen. Moreover, I will change the headline and it's position because the headline I have currently got is the same as the on the cover and the contents.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Second Draft of Double Page Spread

With influences such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Beatles and Prince it comes as no surprise that Maroon 5 have excelled in their passion and become the pop rock sensation that they are today.        

Standing on the  mobile stage in their local bar as drunken men slur along the lyrics of their latest track, which they thought up whilst knocking back gin in an old dusty garage. These are just the blurred memories of Kara’s flowers that Maroon 5 carry with them.
     Jessy Carmichael, Mickey Madenn, and Adam Levine were just in their 20's when they formed their first band, Kara's Flowers. The reformation of Maroon 5 came about in 1999 after the split of Kara’s ­Flowers. Kara’s Flowers came together in 1991 but were short lived and split in 1998 after releasing just one album of which only 5000 have been bought since. Many rumours escalated for the reasons of their split and it is still unknown. One girl who has followed Maroon 5 through their ups and downs expressed how:
Kara’s Flowers “were too young and musically weren’t ready.”         
     Change is inevitable whilst growing up however there is no doubt in   saying that it came as a surprise when the boys bounced back in 2001. They had formed a whole new look, sound and attitude. Maroon 5 was born. Adam Levine, Jessy Carmichael and Mickey Madden were joined by Matt Flynn and James Valentine in the musical group, instantly bonding after being inseparable in high school. As they were all old friends, they clicked instantaneously and bonded emotionally as well as musically.
     After much hard work and commitment they released their first album, Songs About Jane, in 2002. However it wasn’t until 2003 that one of their  singles actually became popular. ‘Harder to Breathe’ and ‘This Love’ both got a spot on the top 10 They took on many different audiences, ranging from OAP’s to young pop-rock wannabe’s. Their songs spread like a rash; they became more and more popular each day as they excelled in the charts. This resulted in them being awarded MTVs New Best Artist award in 2004 after their single “Harder To Breather” hit the number one spot in 2003 and their second single “This Love” got into the top 10. Later on that year, they also picked up an award for ‘World’s Best New Group’.
    As the years have gone by, technology has developed and the band members have gotten older. With this, their musical attributes change too. Maroon 5’s music has changed exceptionally, yet it still has that ever growing burning passion it has always had. Stacey, 27, has been a fan since the very beginning of Kara’s Flowers and followed them through to where they are now she said:
“I like all of their music but I like their more recent sound more, it’s more upbeat and up to date.”     In comparison to their gigs a few years back, the gigs Maroon 5 are performing now are phenomenal. It is safe to say that Maroon 5, as a whole, have it all when it comes to performing. They let their confidence shine and their skills burst, they even add a few dance moves here and there. Each and every one of them has absolutely sensational stage presence.
     Lisa, 17, and a group of friends travelled all the way to Glasgow from Liverpool a few  months back just to experience the band live after falling in love with their latest album. Lisa said
“As the smoke drew thin, their figures became clear. Electricity ran through their audience; their crowd; their followers. It was magical.”

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Audio Clips of Interview with Fans

To help me write a detailed article, I interviewed a few fans of Maroon 5.

First Draft of Double Page Spread Article

tanding on the mobile stage in their local bar as drunken men slur along the lyrics of their latest track, which they thought up whilst knocking back gin in an old dusty garage. These are just the blurred memories of Kara’s flowers that Maroon 5 carry with them.
     As the smoke drew thin, their figures became clear. Electricity ran through their audience, their crowd, their followers. From that moment in the MEN on September 26th 2001, they had become something real Maden told us how he felt  that Karas Flowers, the band set up in the 90’s “wasnt ready, musically or emotionally. But when he was on stage that night something clicked.           
     Valentine, Carmichael, Madden, Flynn and Levine went through a dramatic change, together.   they described their new look and sound as “rock-pop-soul”. Evidently a mix you found appealing.
     After an 18 month break, at their most recent local gig in the town of Leicester; Valentine expressed his feelings towards their speedy recovery from their biggest ever drunken argument which caused a breakdown of the group  and a near split/ But admiteddly, it inspired their most recent track ‘I won’t go home without you’ which got to #1 in just two weeks.
     The after party of this gig was quite different to their usual. Especially the one’s of Karas’ flowers, which were held in one bed roomed flats, full of smoke and alcohol. This was something special. With stars such as Jimiriquai, The Red Hot chilli Peppers and Justin Timberlake, who happen to be three of Maroon 5’s biggest inspriations and influence, giving their support  and showing their excitement of their comeback. The band made a speech together, proclaiming happiness about how far they had come in such a short time, the tightness they had gained with one another since their bust up and also the love for their families, friends and influences.               
     They stated their change was tough, and at one point they didn’t think that they’d be able to get out from an all time low, that they wouldn’t find the right look, the right sound to save their career together. But after meeting the boss of JRecords, they had found a the best deal of their lives and were signed to a contract that would change their lives for the better.
      In 2001 they went on tour supporting Kanye West after he became massive fans and very close fans with the five. However, their time was cut short when Levine and Valentine became ill after drinking contaiminated water! It is very clear that these guys had never really had the best of luck. But that was all soon to change when Carmicheal was out in a bar in June 2002. It is a well known fact that after a few bears, Carmicheal comes out of his shell. Majorly. He recalls ranting about the latest sound of music. 'It's all the same, what happened to alternative? To the real stuff?'. This was the line that formed a special bond between Carmicheal and Kanye West. who took a shine to him. After listening to thier latest recordings, Kanye set Carmicheal and the other band members up with JRecords. This was the end of Kara's Flowers. But the beginning of Maroon 5.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Development of my front cover

animated gif maker
Animated gif maker

I have created an animation to show the development of my front cover. For this task, I had to take screenshots of the actions I had been taking in order to create my front cover.