Thursday, 6 January 2011

First Draft of Double Page Spread Article

tanding on the mobile stage in their local bar as drunken men slur along the lyrics of their latest track, which they thought up whilst knocking back gin in an old dusty garage. These are just the blurred memories of Kara’s flowers that Maroon 5 carry with them.
     As the smoke drew thin, their figures became clear. Electricity ran through their audience, their crowd, their followers. From that moment in the MEN on September 26th 2001, they had become something real Maden told us how he felt  that Karas Flowers, the band set up in the 90’s “wasnt ready, musically or emotionally. But when he was on stage that night something clicked.           
     Valentine, Carmichael, Madden, Flynn and Levine went through a dramatic change, together.   they described their new look and sound as “rock-pop-soul”. Evidently a mix you found appealing.
     After an 18 month break, at their most recent local gig in the town of Leicester; Valentine expressed his feelings towards their speedy recovery from their biggest ever drunken argument which caused a breakdown of the group  and a near split/ But admiteddly, it inspired their most recent track ‘I won’t go home without you’ which got to #1 in just two weeks.
     The after party of this gig was quite different to their usual. Especially the one’s of Karas’ flowers, which were held in one bed roomed flats, full of smoke and alcohol. This was something special. With stars such as Jimiriquai, The Red Hot chilli Peppers and Justin Timberlake, who happen to be three of Maroon 5’s biggest inspriations and influence, giving their support  and showing their excitement of their comeback. The band made a speech together, proclaiming happiness about how far they had come in such a short time, the tightness they had gained with one another since their bust up and also the love for their families, friends and influences.               
     They stated their change was tough, and at one point they didn’t think that they’d be able to get out from an all time low, that they wouldn’t find the right look, the right sound to save their career together. But after meeting the boss of JRecords, they had found a the best deal of their lives and were signed to a contract that would change their lives for the better.
      In 2001 they went on tour supporting Kanye West after he became massive fans and very close fans with the five. However, their time was cut short when Levine and Valentine became ill after drinking contaiminated water! It is very clear that these guys had never really had the best of luck. But that was all soon to change when Carmicheal was out in a bar in June 2002. It is a well known fact that after a few bears, Carmicheal comes out of his shell. Majorly. He recalls ranting about the latest sound of music. 'It's all the same, what happened to alternative? To the real stuff?'. This was the line that formed a special bond between Carmicheal and Kanye West. who took a shine to him. After listening to thier latest recordings, Kanye set Carmicheal and the other band members up with JRecords. This was the end of Kara's Flowers. But the beginning of Maroon 5.

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