Monday, 7 February 2011

First Drafts of Cover, Contents and DPS

These are screenshots of my first draft of each production:

After analysing my project, I came to the conclusion that I need to do thorough work and make a vast amount of changes. To make these changes beneficial, I went over my codes and conventions of a music magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread.
      The changes I will make on my front cover are as follows. I am going to do a whole new photoshoot for my front cover image, this is mainly because the band member I have used is too young and therefore will not match my target audience. However, I would like to take a similar shot because I think the angle of the image and the fact it is an action shot suits the genre of my magazine. Moreover, I am going to change my cover lines. My reasoning for this is largely because of the bands I have used, for example 'The Wanted', this band type does not follow the genre of music I have selected for my magazine. To add emphasis to the title of my magazine, I am going to make the title larger and also make my positioning statement smaller. The position of my barcode follows the codes and conventions of a magazine, however it is currently a bit too small, so I am also going to slightly enlargen that. The last change I am going to make is to the main coverline, inevitably this will change when I change my front cover image, however I am going to make sure that the main cover line stands out the most. to do this I will make the coverlines smaller and move them further up and have my new coverline horizontally, just below the middle in a larger and bolder text.
      To make my contents page more suitable I am going to rearrange my layout, take more pictures to link to stories but also changes the stories I have included. I am going to use three colums as opposed to two, because I feel this is more suited to a magazine. It will also allow me to include more content. I am also going to decrease the size of the text I have used because it takes up too much room and also size 11 pt font is one of many codes and conventions of a music magazine. therefore by decreasing the font I have used, I will then be following the codes and conventions.
      Lastly, I am going to wirte a biographical piece for my double page spread instead of the current story I have. I am also going to use a more creative image. I will change the size of my font front 13pt to10.5pt as Arial is smaller on screen. Moreover, I will change the headline and it's position because the headline I have currently got is the same as the on the cover and the contents.

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