Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Planning Production

In today's lesson, I was asked to do my planning production, this consisted of looking through my initial plans and my publication plan, and developing them so that they are detailed and easy guidelines to follow.

Front Cover
The title for my front cover is going to be ‘Pop Rocks’ , this will be in a rounded font called ‘Arista’, and will be places across the top of the page. Just underneath this will be the positioning statement ‘Rock to the Pop’.

Cover Lines
Jake Hignett: "I'm going to break America"
Paramore:  Why they split
Birth of Mcfly: Their unordinary claim to fame
Step by Step: Your guide to playing guitar
The images on my front cover will be:
-Solo Artist, Jake Hignett
-Bar code

Contents Page
The title for the contents page will simply be ‘Contents’. It will be in the top corner of the right side, coloured red and have a drop shadow in order for it to stand out.

Regular Content

10- Gig Reviews
19- Album Reviews
22- Upcoming Events
35- This month’s top 10 singles
47- Competition Time
56- Your questions to Duffy
70- Subscribe today!

Feature Content
6- Up, Close & Personal
Interview with Dynamic Entry
8- Jake Takes on America
New solo artist aims high
10-How to be a Pop-rocker
The Do’s and Dont’s
28- Maroon 5: Now & Then
How did they evolve?
32- Birth of Mcfly
From beginning to end..
40- Posters Special
Ten page exclusive
50Step by Step
Your guide to guitar playing
52- The Kooks Scandal
The truth about their fall out
68- Paramore split
Investigation into the real reason
72- Isle of Wight
Pictures &interviews from Isle of Wight 2010!
76- The Killers Return
Special on their upcoming albumn
80- Weatherhead
The NEW School of Rock
94- Bon Jovi:
Why he joined the music industr

Editors Letter
To reader!
           Welcome to this months Pop Rocks! Hope you all had a pop-rocking summer! I saw lots of readers at Readings this year, it was fantastic! Don’t forget to read my coverage (pages 72&73). This issue is jam packed with all the latest pop-rock news it’s all been happening recently and we’ve got all the details. We have also piled some amazing posters in and found out all the upcoming events!  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us on this rocky road! We’ll make it worth while!
Enjoy! X

Image of guitar, linking to step by step guide
Image of Jake Hignett
Image of local gig, linking to gig reviews
Image of front cover, linking to dubscription details

Double Page Spread
The information on my double page spread will come from the interview that I have with the band. However, it will not be written like an interview. From the information I have gathered from them I am going to write about each band member, how they started, what they have been up to and their feelings towards music and gigs etc. The type of shot, for my image, I plan to use is a shot of the band in action, as this gives a visual representation of the band's genre, attitude and skills.

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