Monday, 15 November 2010

Publication Plan

In today's lesson I was asked to create a publication plan. For this I had to make all my final decisions using the research I had collected from my questionnaires :

Positioning statement:
Rock to the pop

Frequency of publication: Monthly

Price: £2.99

Distribution: Newsagents, supermarkets, music shops

Rationale: This magazine is aimed at 15 to 23 year old pop rock lovers. The magazine in production will offer facts and opinions but will also allow readers to give their opinions. It will contain upcoming events, competitions, interviews and reviews.

Style: The style of my music magazine will be friendly, inviting and informal. It will also be informative, as it will give lists of upcoming gigs and events. The magazine is aimed at fans of pop rock music, therefore must use lexis of the semantic fields of pop rock.

Regular Content
Examples of regular contents which will feature in my music magazine:
-Editors Letter
-Interviews with well-known pop rock artists
-Gig Guide: Upcoming Events
-Gig Reviews
-Album Reviews
-Subscription Details
-Your questions to Duffy
-This months top 10 singles

Feature Content
Examples of feature contents which will feature in my music magazine:
-Posters Special!
-Gig Guide: The Return of Nickelback
-Up, close and personal: Interview with Dynamic Entry!
-Investigation into the split of Paramore
-The birth of The Wanted
-How to be a pop-rocker
-Top 10 pop-rock bands, voted by YOU!
-Maroon 5: Now & Then
-The truth about The Kooks scandal
-Lily Allen: Her views on the return of Take That!
-Weatherhead: The NEW School of Rock
-Mcfly: All Secrets Revealed
-Win a trip to record with Rihanna!
-Bruno Mars visits our offices!
-Bon Jovi: Why he joined the music industry

House Style
Cover lines: Verdana
Headlines: Calibri, 11 pt, bold
Stand first: Calibri, 11 pt
Captions: Italics, Calibri, 9.5 pt
Features first paragraph: FIRST TWO words in bold capitals, Calibri, 11 pt
News first paragraph: Drop capital, Calibri, 11 pt
Body text: Arial, 11 pt
Colour scheme: Black, White and Red

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