Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Front Cover

The analysis of several magazine front covers led me to the conclusion that the codes and conventions of a magazine front cover are:

beyonce april 2009 vogue magazine Beyonce Covers The April 2009 Issue Of VOGUE Magazine www.upscaleswagger.com      

  • Slogans- Positioning statement, allocated above or below title
  • Bar code- This will be positioned at the bottom right, or up the right side. Along with it will be the date/month of edition, price, website and issue number
  • Masthead- Across the top of the magazine, title uses bold font
  • Positioning statement- used to attract attention and gives the magazine an edge for it's target audience 
  • Main picture- Close up, medium close up
  • No blank space
  • Colour schemes- 3/4 simple colours which don't clash
  • Title- Uses a unique font which is larger than any other text throughout the magazine. Must be eye-catching
  • Cover lines- These must represent the stories inside. Must only be around 5/6 and are positioned down the sides so that the main image is not covered. These must all be in the same font
  • Text around main image- Text will be around the main image so that it does not cause distraction. Small parts of text may cover any part of the image, but must never go onto the face
  • Buzzwords- these are used to attract attention and are persuasive to the reader (e.g. plus, free, exclusive)
  • Picture text cohesion
  • Text anchoring image
  • Smaller pictures correspond to smaller stories
  • Main cover line- goes with main story and has a bigger point size
  • Aesthetically pleasing- Should be easy on the eye otherwise magazine will not sell
  • Genre- Shown by masthead
  • Plain background- Shows formality of the magazine
  • Only a few fonts are used- Either sariff (with hooks)

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