Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Planning Content

Task 3 involved deciding the contents of the school magazine. I had to come up with a list of regular content which will appear in the new school magazine, a list of ten feature articles which will also appear in the magazine and a list of the image which will be used on the contents page.

Regular Content:
-Extra Curriculum
-Date for the Diary
-Charity News
-Agony Aunt Janet

Feature Articles:

-Cakes Save Lives
-Top GCSE & A-Level Results
-Elephant Ears= Back!
-Competition Time.
-Beauty & The Beast: Revealed
-This Years Trips
-Media Arts Week
-Interview with Alice Sebold!
-Ashley Cole visits Weatherhead
-Trampolining Champion!


-Image of student holding advertisement poster
-Beauty & The Beast
-Student with top results
-Elephant ears group

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