Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Plans for Front Cover

For the first task of my preliminary exercise I had to plan my front cover, this involved deciding a title for my new school magazine, details of the mise-en-scene of the front covers main image and coming up with coverlines for the cover.

Title: The Craic
I have chosen this as my title as it is Irish for what's going on. However, it could have subliminal connotatiosn of addictions, suggesting the magazine is addictive.
Mise-en-scene: Image of student holding cakes, background will be a book case. This will be faded so that the image of the student stands out and emphasises the story.

Main story line:
Cakes Saves Lives


-Elephant Ears is Back!
-Outstanding Exam Success.
-This years trip list
-Beauty and the Beast: Cast Exclusive

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