Thursday, 23 September 2010

Shot Types and Camera Movement

In todays lesson we matched the shot to the shot type. We then described what each shot contained. These are the brief descriptions I came up with: 

Shot Types
  • Mid shot- Shot from the waist up 
  • Close up- Shot from half the chest and upwards
  • Medium close up- Shot of the head and shoulders
  • Big close up- Shot of just the whole face
  • Extreme close up- Close up of only the eyes and nose
  • Medium long shot
  • High angle- Shot taken above head height
  • Low angle- Shot taken below head height
  • Tilted frame- Shot taken from an angle
  • Over the shoulder shot- Shot taken from over the shoulder
  • Two shot- Two people in one shot
  • Long shot- Shot of a person and the background as a close up
  • Very long shot- Shot of a person and the background as a wide shot

Camera Movement
  • Pan- Movement of the camera from left to right, or vice versa
  • Tracking- Camera is on a dolly, following the action
  • Zoom- Allows the camera to view closer up and further away 

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