Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Codes and Conventions of a Music Magazine Contents Page

After analysing eight different contents pages, I came to the conclusion that the codes and conventions of a magazine's contents page are:
  • Magazine name
  • Date
  • Issue number
  • Magazine website- This is included so the reader can access the website for more information about the magazine. The website is usually situated at the bottom of the page in small font as it is not the most important information on the page
  • Contact details- Website, email address, phone number, fax number etc
  • Feature articles
  • Columns- 2/3 columns maximum
  • Main image- One main image which relates to the main story of magazine. Must match the genre of the magazine
  • All picture must relate to featured articles
  • Colour scheme- Consistent and similar to that of the front cover
  • Page numbers in the corner of images, these number direct the reader to the appropriate page
  • Editors letter- Explain what's in the issue and must welcome any new readers
  • Captions
  • Page number- Different colour font to rest
  • Regulars and Feature Articles- Around 20, unless it's a small magazine
  • Buzzwords
  • Index- All same font
  • Logo- Magazine contents page must contain the logo of  the magazine
  • Genre- The genre of the magazine will be shown by the masthead
  • Title- Not always in the left, often across the top, and has 'contents' in a different font
  • Different sections- Columns will be separated by
  • Font- Must be a size of 11 pt, the font should be consistent and easy on the eye
  • Credits to photographers- Credit photographer of the cover photo
  • Subscription details
  • Masthead- Will be the same as the masthead on the front cover in order for the audience to familiarise themselves with the rest of the magazine. The masthead will also reinforce the brand
  • Headings
  • Central image links to the band featured- The main image must have links to the main story and band featured
  • Page number followed by list of content- The page numbers of all articles are stated in a list on the contents page, these are then followed by a few words explaining the article. These will be in bold or capitals to entice the reader and the average font size is 12/13 pt

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